A space of infinite possibilities

Imposing ceilings stretch up to 9 feet high, imparting a feeling of infinite space and openness. An entertainment space boasts a chic lounge and cozy seating nook, ideal for hosting guests or indulging in moments of relaxation. Whether you seek a space to ignite your creativity or work from home, these interiors offer the perfect environment for a life of opulence and refinement.



Culinary delights

A modern kitchen boasts an expansive and unobstructed layout perfect for the greatest in culinary pursuits. Intricate millwork adds a touch of sophistication while light oak hardwood flooring lend a stunning natural look to the space. Durable quartz stone countertops elevate the kitchen’s overall aesthetic, complementing the modern soft-close cabinets equipped with sleek edge pulls. Expect upscale appliances that are both stylish and practical, while pendant lights provide ample illumination, imbuing the room with a warm ambience.


A SYMPHONY OF Luxury shades

Enhance your open concept home with one of two bespoke color schemes, carefully curated by our interior designer.

Ivory white
Lava grey


A relaxing oasis

Black window and door framing adds a striking contrast to this space’s neutral colour scheme, creating a harmonious atmosphere that soothes the senses. Thoughtfully-designed closets provide ample storage space while maintaining a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic.



Refined sophistication


Large format porcelain tiled walls, quartz stone countertops, floating cabinetry, black tappery and a sleek vanity mirror exude understated elegance. A frameless walk-in shower enhances the room’s spaciousness with a triple function rain shower head for a truly indulgent experience.